faiding into blue  

blah blah my blog whit random rants and thougths


Okay last post i did yesterday have seemed to dissapered out of the blue well i guess i can rewrite it then.

Normal basic facts about me :

Name: Lena

Age: 19


Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue/grey

Likes: drawing sleeping freinds ice cream rpgs music coffee

Dislikes: headaches moodswings being bored

Well ther i think i got evrything up this is may way on starting a blog he he i get creative whenever im upset or is boring wierd huh ??

And no english isent my first language so be patient whit this texting of mine if you are reading this.

anyho its a personal blog so i write what i want :P

Currently talking whit : Ivan ,Heather and Aaron

Music: Empire record soundtrack

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Saturday, March 02, 2002  


this is just a test and how come the text dosent show up ???

  posted by Lena @ 10:04 AM

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